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I want to give a special thanks to the people who have continued to keep this church running while we have been in isolation. Janice has done a great job of helping the church maintain financial viability. Megan has continued to prepare detailed, creative lessons for the children, and she has been very active maintaining our Facebook page. Geery ...

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I enjoy making these services for everyone, but it's no replacement for seeing everyone on Sunday morning.

It would be fun to hear from some of you... Send email or phone me... I miss you all so much!

Pastor Buzz

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I'm trying to call members of our church during this period of social distancing.

I don't have a phone directory for our church.

Please send me the name and phone number of anyone in our church whom you think would like a call from me. They don't need to be isolated or in any particular need - I simply want to call anyone who would ...

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It's very frustrating as a pastor to not be able to see everyone in person on Sunday mornings. I have called a number of you.

Posting video services is the best I can do right now, and I welcome any and all feedback. The videos are getting a lot of hits, and I do appreciate everyone watching them. Please remember that I am accessible ...

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It's very difficult for me to not be at the church and to not be able to interact with everyone in person. I dearly miss our weekly services. I especially miss not being able to sit down with the kids for a brief moment during the service and talk to them - and to pray with them.

I pray that our congregation will grow stronger during this ...